by dan darrah

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released November 3, 2016



all rights reserved


dan darrah Whitby, Ontario

don't they know it's the end of the world?

all digital sales go to planned parenthood until the next federal election

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Track Name: a kiss from the world
you sing me songs into your hairbrush and i know every one from just sitting and listening to every word. you spin me around the kitchen when i’m feeling down and missing the world. who’s gonna drag me home when you’re gone and when you’re all cooped up in bed and waiting for the world to take you back. time for me to take the hairbrush, i’ll untie the knot in your hair i’ll untie the knot in your head i’ll untie the knot in your heart. you’re a kiss from the world
Track Name: running with scissors
i never get too far away when all i do is run laps around your wraparound porch. i’ve tried to creep down your steps to walk away but you hear the crunch of the leaves…

i hear the creak inside the foyer of your mom’s greenwood apartment and you show me the kitchen drawer where you lay. wherever i run, i run with you. and when i hesitate you turn in my stomach and lead me back to your doorstep. wherever i run, i run with you…
Track Name: fake freak
so where do you go when you're alone -
with no one watching and with no applause?
under the light of your white oaks apartment
i bet you become just what you criticize
yeah, i bet you're the worst
so where do you go when you're alone
sit on your back porch and cry your eyes out?
you work a part-time job at the end of the semester
cause you're human just like the rest of us
so for just one night don't try to save the world
just for one night we'll be alright
Track Name: laundry
you could talk forever
listing all the things you'd change about me
i wish i had a laundry list for you too
i guess you can't bite down straight
but that might be all
Track Name: holly (I & II)
you don’t call unless you need help with your groceries
you don’t ask to see me unless you need change for your laundry
but i still asked you to teach me to drive standard in your car
i’ve been driving stick since sixteen, it’s just a poor excuse to see you
lay on your bed, the pillows crush my bones
you hurt my head but i still won’t go home
you don’t call unless you need help burning bridges
spent the last two years in silence
but yeah, come over, let’s make a blueprint
it’s fine, ‘cause, I know you, “better than anyone else could”
that’s only true when it benefits you
and you need the validation
lay on my bed, it looks just like a throne
on christmas day, i beg you to not go home
Track Name: sleeping dogs
we lay like sleeping dogs
we learned from the best ones around
i skip my 9-12, you skip your 9-5
we call in sick to life
sometimes i'm surprised you do
we cross the street to the store
wrapped in blankets
you wear your bedsheet around your waist
like a ribbon
we win chicken with the cars in our way
with anything in our way
Track Name: by the beach
the city’s winters were so bleak and so grey when we were young
we used to hide out at your vacation home by the rouge hill pond
squirrels raced atop your fence
we would lay down when your parents left
in that stucco place on cherry street
by the bus stop where we would meet
do you remember? i do
‘cause if the floorboards weren’t nailed down
they’d have stood up and followed you out
every time
you left the room