by dan darrah

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disorganized songs from 2011-2014


released August 10, 2014



all rights reserved


dan darrah Whitby, Ontario

don't they know it's the end of the world?

all digital sales go to planned parenthood until the next federal election

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Track Name: valedictorian
sometimes i pretend i set your alarm for 1 pm, just for once i wish you’d be less productive than i am. i sit on your porch, wait for you to wake up, and ask where you’ve been all day. you will never know what it’s like to not succeed - you count stars, i count sheep.
Track Name: the tent wedding
started thinking why you’re so sick all the time, maybe i’m just bad luck. i should take what you say with a grain of salt, but it wouldn’t be enough - salt’s not sweet enough. started taking notes every time you said i’m “yeah”, well, you’re “yeah”. everything was green at tent wedding.
Track Name: beige and white
i signed your name on the model planes you built, cause you never saw it fit. you’re more than this. tracing back my steps, look at your old photographs to aid in my research. i wish i could paint her pool with the colours of your hospital room so she’d never forget. you’re more than this - my only wish is that i could tell you.
Track Name: the right kind of red
there it went
Track Name: the war
i love your dog
i love your mom
i ran the race
i had it all
i miss your dog
i miss your walks
i lost your heart
i lost it all
Track Name: cleopatra
let’s get one thing straight, i only miss the coffee shops that we’d infest - not the way we tiptoed around the fact that we’d rather be hanging in bed
Track Name: holly (miss perfect)
you don't call unless you need help with your groceries / you don't ask to see me unless you need change for your laundry / so i got you to teach me to drive standard in your car / i've been driving stick since sixteen / it's just a poor excuse to see you / the biggest mistake you ever made was giving me your address / i've taken it upon myself to make sure you get home safe / and make sure you get my letters / like the ones that got "lost in the mail" / the sun sets over your house at eight / the summer ends so quick each year, it seems.
Track Name: slow dance
patterns of euphoria slip away as you cut through my daydream of us slowdancing on your balcony as you say, "if you hate yourself that much, i'll give you something to hate more". when i sleep in your cold embrace, you trace cloud shapes onto my back. you point out their lookalikes and carve them back into the sky, and you say, "if you hate yourself that much, i'll give you something to hate more".
Track Name: when you die
when you die
half-mast will be too high
funeral clothes will be too light
i'll take the program and fold it up
i invest too much
when you die
a white flag will close your eyes
and end a thousand wars that night
i'll bow with the rank-and-file
i'll lead the procession into the ground
when you die
i'll take a look back at my life
Track Name: half the time
when i got home from work we would celebrate every hour in the morning. when you stepped on the sink to reach the cabinet, half the time i crossed my fingers hoping you’d slip on the tap water i left running. and half the time you turned your back to cook me breakfast while i shaved, so you weren’t a suspect in the off chance my hand slipped and cut my neck. but only half the time.
Track Name: on a port by the lake
i’d love for you to sit patiently in my head
and help me fight for the answer between which i prefer
your coffee breath kisses or your half asleep kisses
when i say i miss you i mean i miss you all the time
when i say i want to hang i mean i want to hang off the end of your bed
not by a rope but still by a thread
and when nights hits you can take any form you want
flutter your wings and stain my hands with pollen
or climb vines to your treehouse in the sky
will you fly out and pick me up
when i say i miss you i mean i miss you all the time
Track Name: yyz - lax
two day layover in illinois had you thinking out loud,
"you ever wonder if a fleet of butterflies with strings around their wings
could take us home instead?"

you sat in seat 5c
i reclined my aisle seat
just far enough to hear you speak
pulled into lax
chances slipping to see you again
so i count the seconds in my head

the shuttle seat next to me
isn't taken if you don't mind my company
throw my lonely bag of bones onto my bed
now i haven't slept in weeks
i only dream
dream of you